Thursday, May 24, 2012

Postcard 262: Postmarked Oct. 27th, 1943, Birmingham, AL

Called to Arms

My definition of a kiss
is a report to

Pvt. Attie A. Fleming, 44169751
Overseas Repl. Depot
Camp Stoneman
Pittsburg, Calif.

Sunday morning

Dear Mother & Daddy ,
I got into Birmingham
at 3:05. I got a taxi
to the L&M station
where I am now.
My train leaves here
at 7:45. I sent
Villard a telegram
a few minutes
ago. There were plenty
of seats on the bus.
Lots of love, Attie

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Jennifer Greene said...

Attie Fleming and his mother lived next door to my grandparents in Athens, Georgia. Dr. Fleming was a professor of Agronomy at the University of Georgia for over 40 years. He died in December 2011. These postcards are a delightful glimpse into his life during WWII. Thank you for sharing them!