Thursday, July 19, 2012

Postcard 273: Postmarked March 13th, 1947, Ashland, NH, with Note Glued Over Sender's Original Message

At the Top of the World, a Mile above the Sea, Mt. Washington, White Mountains, N. H. 301

I have stood at the foot of Mt.
Washington --- but never at its top.

Passengers and Cog Railway Train are shown at the
top of Mount Washington, after a climb of three and
three-quarter miles. This trip, up the Mount Washing-
ton Railroad, once taken, will long be remembered.
The views from the top of this famous mountain are
the finest in the eastern part of the United States.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Postcard 272: Postmarked June 21st, 1947, Boston, MA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, located
across the Harvard Bridge from Boston, is the most famous
of all technical colleges in the world. From the ranks of
its alumni have come the leaders of Science, Architecture
and Invention.

June 20, 1947
Helen & baby went home
last Sat. Dean flew up
Fri. night and drove them
back. It was so nice to
have them here. Fred is
here. I have had a bad
time this week & one last.
That is why you have not
heard from me.
If I am able to go to Fitz
will see you. Thank you
so much for your letter.
Remember me to the folks.
Love C

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Postcard 271: Postmarked 1947, Fitzwilliam Depot, NH, with Note Glued Over Sender's Original Message

Birds Eye View of Fitzwilliam Village, and Fitzwilliam Depot, and Monadnock Mt.

Pub. by Mrs W. E. Blodgett

Friends of mine have a summer
home in Fitzwilliam. I have been
there once.

Postcard 270: Postmarked 1947, Fitzwilliam Depot, NH, with Note Glued Over Sender's Original Message

Half-Way House, Mt. Monadnock, N.H.

This is a poor picture of
beautiful Mt. Modadnock. We
got a beautiful view of it on the road
to Gardner.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Postcard 269: Posted July 16th, 1947, Rangeley, ME

Rangeley Lake Hotel from Manor point, Rangeley Lake, Maine

Hello dear friend:

Just over here for a drive.

Very hot. We are at
Porter Lake Strong Maine.
Sorry not to have seen
you more this summer.
Hope you are better than
when I talked with you.
Love Lucia