Monday, April 30, 2012

Postcard 245: Postmarked 1910 (Day Illegible), Coal Run, OH

Post Card

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What sweeter
flowers could
I send you
for these mean truth
And I am true

Postcard 244: Postmarked Apr. 20th, 1909, Reading, OK

Language of Flowers

Japan's fair
flow'rets sym
The hopes of love
that fill me
My fear the cur-
rant blossom
"Be Kind! Thy
frown will kill
C. Preston-Wynne.

Hello Janess
I forgot to tell you Chloe's
address it is Chloe Johnston
Columbus, O.
I am fine and dandy
and hope these few
lines will find you'well as ever your coz.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Postcard 243: Unposted, Early 20th Century

A72 Aerial View, Athens, Georgia at Night

Athens, the county seat on Clarke County, is located on a
hill overlooking the Oconee River. It is the principal city
of Northeast Georgia and offers and all-the-year-round ideal
climate. The soil of Clarke County is particularly fertile'
and makes farming very profitable. Beautiful antebellum
homes mingled with modern lends historic interest to
the city. Athens was founded in 1801 and here is located
the University of Georgia--the oldest chartered State
University in America.

Postcard 242: Postmarked July 2nd, 1952, Zurich, Switzerland

Bienenberg ob Liestal

He Folks!
Had a wonderful
vacation here in
Switzerland. Saw the
Alps, Alp people dance
sing, yoddle. Saw some
beautiful water falls
& some really high mts.
& also lots of snowy mts.
Johnny & I also went to
Germany to visit my
Dad's people. I really have
a bunch of relatives there.
Never shook hands with
so many people in my
life as these last two months.
Going home Friday am glad.
Ethel and Johnny Heiniger

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Postcard 241: Unposted, Early 20th Century

The Art Institute and Ferguson Fountain, Chicago

The Art Institute is located in Grant Park, facing
Michigan Avenue at the foot of Adams Street, the present
building being finished in 1893. It contains valuable
collections of sculpture and 0ther objects of art, ranking
with the best on the continent.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Postcard 240: Unposted, Early 20th Century

Post Office and Federal Building, Chicago

The Post office occupies a full city square surrounded by
Clark, Adams and Dearborn Steets and Jackson Boule-
vard. Construction commenced in 1897, completed in
1905; cost $4,757,000. The building is 311 by 386 feet, con-
taining 150,000 square feet in its basement floor. The
main building is eight stories high and the dome section
contains eight more stories, making sixteen in all; the
total height is 297 feet, depth of foundation 76 feet.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Postcard 239: Postmarked Jan 16th, 1906, Lincoln, NE

U. S. Government Building and Post Office, Chicago, ILL

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Postcard 238: Unposted, Early 20th Century

Palmer House, Chicago

Palmer House, Chicago. Palmer
House is one of the most widely known hotels
in the United States. It is located at the cor-
ner of State and Monroe streets, and is owned
by the Potter Palmer estate. During certain
months of the year its sample room floors
resemble a "fair" and at such times mer-
chants from all over the country come to Chi-
cago to make advance purchases.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Postcard 237: Unposted, Early 20th Century

Great Northern Hotel, Opposite Post Office

John C. O'Neill, Manager

Jackson Blvd, Dearborn & Quicy Sts., Chicago

The Hotel Bulletin, Chicago-Louisville

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Postcard 236: Unposted, Early 20th Century

Catalina Island

Everett Adargo

What we saw at Catalina

Everett Adargo
Deep sea diver
Catalina Island, California
3 minutes, 15 seconds--Depth, 56 feet

Among the marine specimens which may be
viewed through the clear crystalline waters
on the lava-like floor of the sea are:

Kelp and Mosses
iodine kelp, sea grape kelp, ribbon kelp.
giant bulb kelp, rainbow kelp, red alga,
lavender alga, bridal veil moss, irish moss,
chenille moss, feather boa moss, ruby moss,
feather moss, sponge moss, heather moss,
coral moss, chiffon moss, fishbone fern,
maidenhair fern, sea grass, sea lichen,
purple fungus or sea violet

Fish and Shellfish
ratfish, garibaldi or golden perch, blue
perch, green perch, convict perch, gray
perch, silver perch, rock bass, opal-eyed
bass, kelpfish, candlefish, whitefish, scul-
pin, ghostfish, octopus, jellyfish, sea cu-
cumber, sea hare, sea porcupine, leopard
shark, sheepshead, moray eel, abalone, sea
anemone, crawfish, sand crab, keyhole lim-
pet, starfish, pyramid shell, round and
tubular barnacles

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Postcard 235: Postmarked Aug. 10th, 1942, Spartanburg, SC

Service Club, Camp Croft, S. C.

Service Club

Private Edward Mihalich
Co. C 30th Inf Dn
Plt 4 Camp Croft
South Carolina

Hi Ma:
Betty called me sunday
night, was good to hear her
voice. Do what you think best
with the car. Monday back
to the old grind again. Will
keeping sending you all stuff
about Camp Croft. Edie

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Postcard 234: Postmarked May 31st, 1943, Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD

No. 632

Company street
Ordnance training center
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.

From: Pvt. M. I. Langsam
Co "E" 1st Ord Tng Regt
Aberdeen Proving Gd MD

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Dear Mrs. Leach
This card is being
written by a man
who sleeps in the
next bed to your son
John. We all liked
your cookies very much
and we want to take
this opportunity to say
thanks. Your son looks
& feels fine.

Post Card

This space for address

Mrs. C. J. Leach
Bowerston Ohio
R. D. I

For Victory

Postcard 233: Unposted, Mid-20th Century

Sharon Towers

Presbyterian Homes
5100 Sharon Rd.
Charlotte, N.C. 28210

Monday, April 16, 2012

Postcard 232: Unposted, Mid-20th Century

Sharon Towers

Presbyterian Home
P.O. Box 17764
Charlotte, N.C. 28211

Postcard 231: Real Photo Postcard Postmarked July 30th, 1921, Salt lake City UT

Dear Mother: --

This is a glimpse
of part of my Lake
party. Some got
there too late
to go in the water.
It was a fine
success, All seemed
to enjoy it so much,
Sure hate to leave
this water & the
bunch too.
Love Helen

Postcard 230: Postmarked Nov. 15th, 1910, Wauseon, OH

Photograph Only copyright 1909 by H. Wessler N.Y.

If only wishes would come true;
There's naught I would not wish for you.

Heartiest Congratulations
Esther E.B.

This card is a real photograph on
Bromide paper.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Postcard 229: Unposted, Early-20th Century, Decorated with Mica Glitter

Hotel Del Coronado, Coronado, CAL.

stamp here

one cent

two cents

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Postcard 228: Unposted Mid-20th Century Real Photo Postcard

Helictites or Cave Flowers

Skyline caverns--Front Royal, VA

Monday, April 9, 2012

Postcard 227: Postmarked Sep. 1st, 1910, Cedar Rapids, IA

Moonlight on the Lake

Hope you reached
home all O.K. and
found the folks
well. How is the
fire situation
Geo Straus

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Postcard 226: Postmarked Dec. 4th, 1907, Green Cove Springs, FL

Spanish Bayonet in Bloom, Florida

3177. All is peaches & cream here. How are
you? The cellist is fine. Will write later.