Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Postcard 219: Postmarked May 11th, 1921, Fort Myers, FL

Caloosahatchee River Front, Fort Myers, Fla.

Fort Myers Fla. May 10th '21

Dear Hoffman family, I am about to
fly north for it is getting time for
hot weather here. We have had
beautiful weather so far. No rain
for some time and very dry. But I
enjoy every day and go about
the country with friends who have
orange groves and country places
filled with beautiful and inter-
esting flowers, fruits & vegetables
strange flowering vines and trees and
grounds laid out with fountains
and gushing wells. Love to the H. E. L

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Postcard 218: Unposted, Late 20th Century


"The Castle"

Kentucky State Penitentiary, Eddyville, Kentucky
overlooking Barkley Lake.

Photo by W. T. Davis

Postcard 217: Unposted, Early 20th Century

Edgewater Beach Hotel, Chicago

The Edgewater Beach Hotel is located on the
North Shore, about seven miles from the center
of the city. It is built in the form of a Greek
Cross without an inside court and without an
inside room. A notable feature is the Marine
Cafe and Beach Walk over-looking Lake Mich-

This space for writing

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Postcard 215: Postmarked Aug. 21st, 1954, San Diego, CA

Lover's Leap, Junction, Texas

Dear Laura and all:
We made it and
are having a won-
derful time. We
left Sat mor & got here
at 12 o'clock noon on
Monday. Mike is
awfully cute &
sweet. I'll write
when we get home
Love, Mother

Monday, February 20, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Postcard 213: Postmarked Sep. 1, 1953, Grayslake, ILL

Roof Garden, YMCA Hotel, Chicago, Illinois

YMCA Hotel
826 S. Wabash Ave. -- Chicago
A home away from home
for young men and women

200 rooms located in downtown Chicago
Convenient to all transportation
Program activities including,
Social, Educational and Religious Events

Hi Becky,
Having big time. Young
people from all over
U.S. After touring Chicago
for three days, I left
for National Council
of U.C.Y.M When do
you start lecture
series on "my trip
to the Old Country?"
Hope to see you before
I leave for school.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Postcard 211: Unposted, Early 20th Century



Postcard 210: Postmarked Feb. 11th, 1926, Tampa, FL


and thin"
I'll be

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Postcard 209: Unposted Real Photo Postcard




Correspondence here

Name and address here

Friday, February 10, 2012

Postcard 208: Postmarked Sep. 7th, 1963, Belfast, Northern Ireland


Dear Elizabeth,
Arrived here
Sat A.M. & had no trouble at all.
My cousins met us & we recognized
one another immediately. We met a
nice gentleman on the boat train who helped
Ed carry the luggage & he was going same
place as us & we enjoyed meeting him.
He was a big help to us.

The boat trip was very nice & we did not
get sick. My cousin Harry is a very
nice person. We like him so very
much. His wife is a wonderful person
too. He has driven us every day from
10 A.M. till nite showing us the towns
& country. Hope you are keeping well
& the boys are fine. Love The H's

Postcard 207: Postmarked Feb. 25th, 1909, Little Hocking, OH

This Space for Correspondence

The Interlaken and the Jung Frau, Swiss Alps--This inter-
esting town is situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps and
from it the most picturesque view of the celebrated Jung
Frau can be seen. Interlaken is a great resort for tourists
who visit the Alps.

From Clara D.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Postcard 206: Unposted, Lated 20th Century

Tanner's Indian Arts

The Mercado is a journey into
people and things--A unique shop-
ping complex of forty specialty shops in a
bazaar-like setting, nestled in the hills of
Rancho Bernardo. You can stroll the cobble-
stone courtyards under red tile rooftops--
sop for fashion, gifts, art, crafts and fine
foods -- while enjoying music and songs,
dancers, specialty exhibits and craftsmen work-
ing at their wares.

The Mercado is an unforgettable shop-
ping experience. Open daily 10 to 6, Sundays
12 to 6. Truly a marketplace of adventure!

On Hwy. 15 (163) at Rancho Bernardo
Road. (714) 566-1301

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Postcard 205: Unposted Early 20th Century Real Photo Postcard

Post Card

Correspondence here

Name and address here


Postcard 204: Unposted Early-20th Century Real Photo Poctcard

Post Card


Address only

Friday, February 3, 2012

Postcard 203: Unposted Real Photo Postcard, Possibly Sent in an Envelope

Dailey's Post Cards

Hello ever body
hoping you are
well and enjoying
life Frances &
Robert say they
wanted Sarah &
Mrs. Sams to have
a picture they
are not very good
I arrived home
O.O. Jim was glad
to see me write to me address is
Indianapolis Ind.
1013 Belfontain St.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Postcard 202: Unposted, Mid-20th Century

San Xavier Mission near Tuscon, Arizona, Built 1692

San Xavier Del Bac Mission, Built 1692, for christian-
izing and civilizing the Papago Indians by the Catholic
Missionaries led by father Kino.