Thursday, February 9, 2012

Postcard 206: Unposted, Lated 20th Century

Tanner's Indian Arts

The Mercado is a journey into
people and things--A unique shop-
ping complex of forty specialty shops in a
bazaar-like setting, nestled in the hills of
Rancho Bernardo. You can stroll the cobble-
stone courtyards under red tile rooftops--
sop for fashion, gifts, art, crafts and fine
foods -- while enjoying music and songs,
dancers, specialty exhibits and craftsmen work-
ing at their wares.

The Mercado is an unforgettable shop-
ping experience. Open daily 10 to 6, Sundays
12 to 6. Truly a marketplace of adventure!

On Hwy. 15 (163) at Rancho Bernardo
Road. (714) 566-1301

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