Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Postcard 261: Postmarked Oct. 28th, 1946, Uvalde, TX

New Charity Hospital, New Orleans, LA.

The new Charity Hospital, constructed at a cost of
$12,500,000 is one of the most outstanding medical structures in
the United States, providing the most modern of hospital facili-

Pvt. Attie A. Fleming, 44169751
Overseas Repl. Depot
Camp Stoneman
Pittsburg, Calif.

On the train in Texas
Monday morning
8:00 o'clock

Dear Mother & Daddy,
Traveling in Texas
now. Gee, this is a
flat country. Expect to
get to San Antonio
where Villard is at
3 o'clock this afternoon.
Lots of love, Attie
My train doesn't
go through Phoenix.

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