Monday, January 30, 2012

Postcard 201: Postmarked Sep. 17th, 1971, Athens, GA.


Duke Power's Keowee-Yaxaway Visitor's Center, located on
South Caroline 130 and 183 north of Clemson, provides an
enlightening and entertaining experience in "The Story of
Energy." The Center offers a panoramic view of Lake Keowee,
the Keowee Dam, the Oconee Nuclear Station, picnic facilities,
and remarkable displays depicting energy yesterday and today.

Dear Fred,
Dad & I went to charlotte
and stopped at this reception
center, a new one. Russell
stillwanted to stay home
and we were gone just one
night. Still has one friend he want
to see before he goes away to college.
Athens shows signs of student
activity already. Sor. & Frat
are getting ready for rush week.
Russell got pre-registered thru
Edna (Span., philos. & biology).
We're looking forward
to your visit
Let us hear from you
Love, Mother

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