Thursday, January 19, 2012

Postcard 177: Unposted Early 20th Century Trade Card

The Universal Rubber Heel

Geo. A. Schroth
Maker and repairer on
natural, hard to fit,
or deformed feet
Camp & Girod

"Best on Earth"
Absolutely pure rubber

Dear Sir,
We are introducing a Pure Rubber heel on the market and
Geo. A. Schroth
700 Camp St. cor. Girod
is our distributor in your city. We ask you kindly call
at their place of business and present this card, which entitles
you to one free pair of the World's Best Rubber Heels on the
market FREE. If the heels please you tell your friends where
they can be purchased.

Present this card to the above concern and receive FREE
one pair of the Universal Rubber Heels with our compliments.
(The only cost to you will be your dealer's small fee for attaching.)
Yours truly,
The Consumers Rubber Co.
Cleveland, O.

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