Friday, March 2, 2012

Postcard 220: Postmarked Sep. 14th, 1949, Corvallis, OR

761--Mt. Jefferson, Alt. 10,495 Feet, from Hunts Lake, Oregon, Deschutes National Forest

This is typical of the scenery here. Saw 1,000 springs on Mt side.

L Bowers
Corvallis Oregon

Mt. Jefferson is one the majestic towering
peaks of the Cascade Range which runs north
and south through Oregon. Many beautiful
lakes and clear streams originate at its base.

Dear Lillian's family and
Mildred's too:

I am way out to the
Pacific Ocean. Just having
a grand time. Weather is
tropical here. I am writing
near English walnut trees
Italian prunes etc. Had
Delicious apples picked from
a tree for our lunch. It is
all like a fairy land here
gorgeous flowers. Be in Salt Lake
City 9/18. Feeling fine. Dipped
my hands in Pacific O today.
Missed seeing you 9/4 but had to go.
Many cards to send love to all.
Hastily, Aunt Laura

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