Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Postcard 103: Postmarked 9th, 1921, Butte, Montana

Summit of the Rockies, nearing Butte, on the N. P. R. R.
Address Your Mail
To Street And Number
Dear Friend I often think of you
and wonder how you are getting
along I have not
heard from Martelle
but-- and since I came away
as I could not get any room
that suited me in Minneapolis
I got there a month to soon
to find a room so I came on
here to Willies I want to go
back to Minneapolis next Spring
Willie says I shall not but I
think I shall I have lived there
40 years no other place is home
if you are not able to write
have some of the girls Elena Stephens
309 B. South Dakota St Butte Montana

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