Sunday, August 15, 2010

Postcard 84: Postmarked Oct. 22nd, 1908, Louisville, KY

Reservoir, Louisville, KY.
Wed. A.M.
When you write please give me Miss Dora's
address. You know she has moved.
Reid has had a fever since last Monday week. Is still
in bed, but improving. We were real uneasy about him
last week. Will write you a letter when I have more time.
Lots of love to each member of the family. Mrs. A.D. DeMaise
Glad indeed to get a line
from you. We all send love
to W. M. Jr. and gratulations
to the "fond haunts." from
your description of him, he
must be an improvement
on the original. Of course he
is the prettiest baby in the
world. Ruth says tell you she
has a little boy here playing
with her.

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